20W smart flood lights connected problem

  • I couldn't get them to connect during their testing. The initial attempts to add them to the Smart Life app resulted in zero success between the two lights. Both lights were able to initialize pairing mode (2x flashes per second) by powering them on and off 3 times and then waiting a number of seconds for the flashing to begin. However, the app did not recognize anything nor was either light broadcasting a proper WiFi signal for alternative pairing. After so much time spent attempting to pair the lights to the app or get a valid WiFi signal from them


  • @DD NN If you want to switch to AP mode for pairing, the lamp has to be set to slow flash (flash once in 2 seconds). If the light is in fast flash(twice in 1-second ), pls turn "on-off-on-off-on-off-on" to set it to slow flash mode.

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