Fill Halloween story & Win Blaze 60W

  • Hello, everyone! Halloween again! This year we plan to do something different and interesting---use your infinite imagination to fill the blank and present us an amazingly unexpected Halloween story!

    No time for hesitation! Just share your wisdom in the comment section, and we will pick the 5 most creative and attractive stories and award each of the writers one set of Novostella Blaze Smart Light 60W on Oct. 15th.

    “Hurry up, son! We’ve got a pile of things to prepare!” After a third time of yelling from your mom, your family finally went out for Halloween shopping. The market looked like an early coming festival party, stuffed with jack-o-lanterns, costumes and scary decorations. But none of those goods could attract you until you saw________________________________(Just share your wisdom in the comment section)

    “What a perfect Halloween!” Mom said with satisfaction.

  • A sugar skull with a double ensamble of glittering, edible jewels in its sockets. It can possibly make for a beautiful decoration and snack for the guests, although, there was a "Please Return Jewels After Use", I knew I'd have to eat just one. It's just rock candy, It can always be remade and returned without any second guessing, right? For now I've found the perfect piece for mom's party. I know everyone will love it. 

  • a cool halloween light

  • a skeleton wrapped with bright strips. The light looked dim and kept changing, and somehow weird. The skeleton was nothing different from other ones but looked sooooooo Halloween with these lights. "That's what we need!" I shouted to my families. And so we took home these lights and turned the common and dull decorations into unique ones in the neighborhood!

  • a Novostella Blaze Smart Light!

  • A replica of your father, 18 feet tall in a rather decrepit Easter bunny costume that smelled of moth balls and comfort. In his tightly grasped claws was a Novostella Blaze smart light. "60W!" You exclaim! Dad, you've done it again. You hug your giant zombie rabbit father... Oh yes, did I mention it was a zombified replica!?!? No? Well... Your mother was ecstatic. 

  • Novostella BLink Smart Flood Lights.

    "What good are all of these scary decorations if nobody can see them?" you asked aloud to nobody in particular. "Now we will be able to light our display in eerie colors. Bluetooth Mesh will make it so easy to connect them and we can control them all from an app on our phone. We are going to have the best yard on the block! What do you think, Mom?"

  • The mysterious fog & haze flowing into the market from the rear exit door in such large volume I could barely see the multicolor hue emmiting from within the fog. I approached the door starting to feel some strange vibrations in my feet the closer I got to the door, and then a faint, but familiar sound. Not able to resist temptation I peered through the exit door of fog when I slightly started to think to myself that I have been to some place very similar to this before. Now through the doorway of heavy fog still trying to see what lies ahead where I once knew a wooded lot to be behind the market. The sound now becoming more distinct, and my finally starting to adjust to the haze and darkness alternating several colors and bouncing off the base of each tree coming into view the closer I got. It dawns on me why this is all now so familiar as I look up and see the magical transformation of the wooded lot with each treetop lit up a different color as far back as I can see. Lights alternating and uplighting each tree individually from base to the top with the realization that I have stumbled upon dancing people. I started to suspect the now visible glow of a stage and realize that this was not just any sound or vibration running through my feet. I had stumbled upon a magical secret popup Halloween themed music event! The now obvious realization that this event was very similar to a music festival I had just attended last month, and the way a wooded area had now been transformed into this spooky world of pure imagination. The woods were so magical being in middle of and peering up in pure happniess seeing the dancing tree tops above changing color with each beat. As I made my way closer to the stage I realized one of my favorite DJs was playing and there were thousands of costumed people visible dancing around the magical wooded lot of fog and light. Just as I once again looked up in soak in the beautiful rainbow treetop canopy of alternating colors, BANG! I jumped but quickly realized what had happened as I see several fireworks bursting above the already colorful treetops above my head. I made my way close enough to the stage to see a banner above the DJ's head that says, "NOVOSTELLA Spooktacular Pop Up Music & Lighting Festival". Novostella really went all out using their new 60W Blaze Smart Floodlights to uplight each and every tree individually creating a sight out of this world full of color in the woods and costumed people dancing, laughing, and having the time of their lives all around. I had always wondered what was in the "Beyond" section of the market, and what a spooky way to find out not sure what I was going to find through that foggy door.

  • Novostella smart floodlight which bring immersive experience filled with colors and power.

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