How do I get my Novostella 20W Smart Floods to change with music?

  • I have tried several times to use the SmartLife app to make my Novostella 20W Smart flood lights to change by listening to music through my iPhone, but no combination seems to work. I have a group created in SmartLife and select the group then go to the "Music" section and choose Rhythm, Game or Romance. If I play music in Apple music that has been downloaded to my iPhone, or if I play music from a computer through a speaker, neither situation changes the lights. I have checked the Privacy section on my iPhone and the Smartlife app is allowed to use the microphone, and if I try to use this feature and leave the app and go to the home screen, it does indicate that the Smartlife app is using the microphone.

    What am I doing wrong, or does this feature not work yet?


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