Affiliate Programs

Welcome to join our affiliate programs and start earning commission for every referred sale! We have two affilite programs for your choice. If you are a member of ShareASale affiliate platform, you can login your ShareASale account to start right away. If not, our Novostella referral program is free for you to join.

ShareASale Affiliate Program

  1. 5%~15% commission on each referred sale for U.S market only.
  2. Deposit commission in your account directly.
  3. New monthly profitable activities, updated banners and coupons.
  4. Newsletters of new activities and promotions update.
  5. 30-day cookie duration.
  6. Extra $5 bonus reward to new affliates who join and get commission over $50 before April 1st, 2020.
  7. Commission reaches $50 will be our Advanced Affiliate and get exclusive coupon & commission rate.

Novostella Referral Program

  1. 5%~10% commission on each referred order for U.S market only.
  2. Monthly profitable activities and deals.
  3. 90-day longer cookie duration.
  4. Newsletters of new activities and promotions update.
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