"Review provided by Ashley"

The Novostella is an affordable LED smart bulb that gives you the convenience of being able to control the overall  look and feel of your home easily with your voice or mobile device with effortless setup and a reliable and user friendly app all in one. For the price of this smart bulb you can create the perfect smart home experience without breaking the bank.

When it comes to smart home devices Alexa and Google Assistant and Siri are king. As long as you can use these two platforms you really have nothing to worry about. Novostella is great if you are looking for smart bulbs that work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri flawlessly so whether you are strictly IOS or Android you can enjoy all of the features these smart bulbs have to offer.

Setting up the Novostella LED smart bulb is a breeze, with detailed online step by step video instructions and an easy to navigate app you will be up and running in minutes enjoying your beautiful smart home experience. The options for customizing the way your smart bulb are what make having a bulb like this a must. If you think ambiance is what makes life beautiful,  this smart light bulb is a great affordable option. You can set your app up to change the scene in every room in your home and even set timers that will create the perfect mood throughout the day or evening. All of these features are easily accessible from your mobile device or with your voice. 

novostella 13W smart light bulb

The pricing of this bulb is what makes its stand out, if you are just getting into using color light bulbs you will not be disappointed. It can be purchased for around $25.99. Creating a smart home experience can be very expensive when you add up the cost of individual bulbs, hubs, adapters and the actual lamps or lighting fixtures you plan to use the bulbs in. Novostella bulbs are a cost effective solution for anyone looking to delve into the world or smart home devices on a budget. Does this lightbulb offer the wide range of colors some other more expensive bulbs offer? No, in all honesty this color smart bulb is not aiming to compete with big brand bulbs its aim is to offer a satisfactory smart bulb experience at a fraction of the cost. As a smart light user, I can say the lack of color range is noticeable but does not take away from what you expect in a smart bulb.

● Wattage: 13W (120W Equivalent)
● Bulb Type/Light base:  A19/E26
● Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
● Color Temperature: 2700K-6500K
● Max Luminous Flux: 1300lm
● Beaming Angle: 270 Degree
● Protection Rating: IP20
● Color: RBG, Cool White, Warm White
● Voice control
● App Control
● No Hub Required 

Controlling the lighting in your home is an incredible advantage, being able to turn control  lights and appliances from within your app means that you and your loved ones will never have to walk into a dark house again. You can set timers that turn on your living room lights just before you come home or create the perfect mood for a romantic evening while you’re out shopping for flowers. Once you have LED smart bulbs in your life you will quickly learn that convenience is only one of many reasons that smart bulbs are becoming a must for every household.  

Aside from the customizable features of this smart bulb, one characteristic of the Novostella smart bulb that needs to be noted is that it is among the brightest bulbs on the market right now. Not only does this bulb have vibrant color and mood setting features, voice control, timers and but you can enjoy warm white light as well as the brightest of bright white lights.

Overall the Novostella 13W Smart LED  bulb is a device that can completely transform any room and add a level of convenience and luxury to your home that you will come to expect. With a price point made to fit any budget, these smart bulbs aim to please.